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First post :)

2008-08-09 19:39:51 by DannTe

Hello World!.

i got a flash on newgrounds :P lol

go me :D

now vote good on it cos i know u love it :D

Any1 know any good games i could play ? :P
any fun/addictive games will do :)

you know a good game.
SCGMD ... they rock :D .. well the first one failed but the other 2 were awesome :P

You know another good game.... the one i made :D vote 5 to keep it alive :)
u love the rhyme ?
i have more... tar... and car :D dan and man :) i could go on for a while but i dont think i will

heres a video of a guy falling over ( i swear that isnt me skating )
seriously it isnt

/* */
U like that ? i know u did :P

This has been my first post. goodbye.

First post :)


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2008-08-09 19:47:14

You speak crazy talk maybe? I have no idea all your words were scattered.

Anyways, have a good day sir.


2008-11-15 14:09:23

Oh, joy!